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Vinchin Blog Vinchin Backup & Recovery v6.0 NOW supports H3C CAS & UIS

Vinchin Backup & Recovery v6.0 NOW supports H3C CAS & UIS

2021-07-28 | Charley

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Most recently, Vinchin updated a new patch of Vinchin Backup & Recovery v6.0 to fully support H3C CAS & UIS for H3C cloud computing users to deploy true enterprise-level data protection. As Vinchin sticks to delivering highly compatible backup solution, this is another strong testament that the team has been working to complete this product concept step by step.

Designed to deliver flexible joint IT solution to users, Vinchin Backup & Recovery integrates a series of advanced data protection mechanisms including smart automatic VM backup, instant recovery, powerful CBT alternative and many more into one single user interface, helping to strengthen your H3C CAS infrastructure in a simple way.

Automatic H3C CAS & UIS backup

Vinchin Backup & Recovery helps to streamline H3C CAS & UIS backup with automatic job running process. Complete smart job settings through simple few steps, you can backup and restore multiple VMs in one job at the same time. Set time schedule for backup & restore job to keep it running automatically without manual operation each time, and receive in-time job status feedback and job reports via E-mail notification, your management workload can be reduced to the least.

Instant Recovery & Data Migration

To keep your business continuity, Vinchin Backup & Recovery v6.0 brings Instant Restore feature to recover your critical VM in 15 seconds by mounting the backup storage to a production host via NFS. A new virtual disk image will be virtualized based on the original backup file and be shared with the newly created VM in the production host via NFS. When the VM is not in production state, you can migrate both the original backup data and new written data in the cache file from backup storage to production storage using Vinchin live migration technology.

SpeedKit for faster incremental backups

For more significant incremental backup speed improvement, Vinchin Backup & Recovery delivers unique CBT alternative feature, SpeedKit. After performing a backup job, a snapshot will be reserved for the H3C CAS & UIS VM. When performing the next backup job, a new snapshot will be created for this VM, and Vinchin backup server will then compare the new snapshot with the previous one to quickly identify changed data blocks and only transfer those increments to the backup storage.

Offsite H3C CAS & UIS VM Backup Copy

To guarantee your critical H3C CAS & UIS VM can be highly recoverable all the time, Vinchin Backup & Recovery provides offsite backup copy feature which can replicate backup data from primary backup storage to another location. In case when primary backup data is damaged due to disaster, you can still use offsite backup copy to restore data from offsite to local backup storage for full VM restore, file-level restore and instant VM restore to realize effective disaster recovery. Or you can either choose to recover data directly to the remote site for fast business takeover, and migrate both original and new written data back to local data center during non-business hours.

H3C CAS & UIS added to the Vinchin supporting platform list this time, means we’ve widen the market to have the chance helping H3C users focus more on their core business, and we will be working tightly with H3C together to dig deeper into the field of data protection.

Download the full-featured free trial of Vinchin Backup & Recovery v6.0 to try now, and start protecting your virtual, physical, cloud, and SaaS environments today.


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