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Vinchin Blog What's New in Vinchin Backup & Recovery V7.0: Webinar Highlight Overview

What's New in Vinchin Backup & Recovery V7.0: Webinar Highlight Overview

2023-03-03 | Echo

Table of contents
  • VMware Backup Verification
  • Massive Unstructured Data Backup & NAS Backup
  • Physical Server Backup & Restore
  • MariaDB and Postgres Pro Backup & Restore
  • Optimized Physical Backup Agents
  • Data Visualization


On March 1st, Luwen Zhang, Product Manager of Vinchin, presided at Vinchin Backup & Recovery V7.0 launch webinar, which ended smoothly.

Vinchin Backup & Recovery is a professional enterprise backup solution for virtualization, physical servers, files, and NAS devices, with a set of a backup, archive, and DR features all integrated into one software to simplify the workflow of comprehensive data protection,

While coming with a bunch of advanced new features, Vinchin V7.0 adds more compatibility to its existing supported product list including VMware backup verification, NAS and physical server backup (Linux/Windows), Prostgres Pro and MariaDB backup and recovery, and multiple more, all are introduced in detail by Luwen during the webinar.

VMware Backup Verification

Chances are that VM users may experience the failure of recovering or rebooting a VM resulting from invalid backups. This is caused by virtual machine system exceptions, filesystem virus infection, bad application logic, or even backup storage errors.

Vinchin Backup & Recovery 7.0 allows VMware users to perform automatic data validation on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis, or instant backup verification manually through ping, screenshots, and heartbeat test in an isolated environment, so it won’t exert any effect on the production site. A verification report will be generated containing all the necessary results.


Massive Unstructured Data Backup & NAS Backup

Unstructured data from several KB to hundreds of KB such as word documents, PDFs, AND image files is growing in IT infrastructure. It is critical for companies, but cannot be effectively backed up with traditional backup solutions and run the incremental backup.

Vinchin Backup & Recovery 7.0 scans thousands of files per second and transfers them in a file transfer cache with multi-threaded enabled. The transfer starts right away at the moment the scan preprocess begins, so it’s very fast. For some odds and ends, the software merges a set amount of files into a data block and then transfers the block.

V7.0 enables incremental backup by comparing the fingerprints of the last backup in the metadata and the current. Combing with the techniques mentioned above, and the data compression algorithm, the incremental backup is completed quickly.

The technology is applied to data on both physical Windows and Linux servers and NAS devices. You can also adopt the anti-ransomware protection to reject any unauthorized access and take onsite or offsite copies of the unstructured data backups for disaster recovery.


Physical Server Backup & Restore

With v7.0, Windows and Linux server users can perform an application-consistent backup of the entire operating system or specific disk partitions with the VSS and Copy on Write snapshot techniques. It provides advanced backup features like full, incremental, differential, and forever incremental backup options, data deduction, valid data extraction, etc.

Vinchin allows administrators to restore individual partitions or the entire operating system to the original or a new server. To ensure everything goes well, a boot fix and partition rebuild are implemented.

Likewise, onsite and offsite backup copy, and an-malware backup storage protection guarantee data against various disasters and accidents.


MariaDB and Postgres Pro Backup & Restore

V7.0 now adds MariaDB and Postgres Pro. Choosing from the full, incremental, differential, and log backups that vary with databases, Vinchin users can enable flexible backup strategies under self-defined schedules automatically. Point-in-time recovery to the original or a new database is supported.

To prevent unexpected data loss events, prepare multiple backup copies and protect the data with industry-level encryption standards with v7.0.


Optimized Physical Backup Agents

Vinchin offered different backup agents of database and file servers for users to manually download in previous versions. Since v7.0, all the backup functionalities are integrated into one agent. You can use an agent for the backup and restore of the database, physical server, and file. The Linux agents are separated due to different distributions.

You can also manually install an agent or automatically push-install agents for multiple physical servers in batch. After that, all licensed or unlicensed agents are managed within a single web page.


Data Visualization

Data visualization helps with data analysis, problem locating, and data-driven decision making. Vinchin Backup & Recovery always carries a dynamic data visualization interface for Vinchin users to monitor data in real-time.

On v7.0, data visualization is improved and rebuilt to enable data display more intuitively and customized with more feature modules.


The 60-day free trial of Vinchin Backup & Recovery 7.0 is available to download on the official website now, get the journey started today!

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