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Vinchin provides Daikin with an intelligent backup solution

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With the expanding data volume, Daikin encounters the complexity of managing business systems across three virtualization platforms—VMware, H3C, and Hyper-V. Therefore, there is an urgent need for an intelligent and compatible backup solution to achieve enhanced data protection and service stability.


VMWare, H3C, Hyper-V


Vinchin Backup & Recovery provides Daikin with an intelligent backup solution, compatible with multiple virtualization platforms, including VMware, Hyper-V, and H3C. Its flexible backup strategy reduces storage requirements and enhances data recovery speed. In emergency situations, Vinchin supports rapid data recovery from any backup point, significantly reducing the risk of business interruptions.


Vinchin Backup & Recovery, with its outstanding backup strategies and powerful recovery features, enhances our confidence in data security and business continuity.


IT Manager

Daikin Malaysia Sdn. Bhd


Business Challenge

Daikin Malaysia Sdn Bhd is the only air-conditioning manufacturer in Malaysia. It specializes in the production of all types of HVAC equipment, including products ranging from basic residential air-conditioning to high-tech light commercial and commercial heat pumps, air-cooled and water-cooled chillers. Daikin is committed to providing a full range of air-conditioning solutions for the Malaysian domestic market and global export markets. By driving advances in energy efficiency, Daikin seeks to provide a higher level of home comfort to its customers.

Daikin' business systems run on 3 different virtualization platforms, VMware, H3C and Hyper-V, resulting in increasing complexity of multi-platform management. With the expansion of the company's business into the Malaysian region and global export markets, the volume of data is increasing. The previously adopted H3C VM backup solution was not flexible enough in terms of functionality and became difficult to manage in the later stages. Therefore, Daikin urgently needed a smarter backup solution to replace H3C's data protection solution. This solution needed to be compatible with VMware and Hyper-V while providing more advanced features to better protect data and ensure service stability.

Vinchin Solution

Vinchin backup solution offers broad compatibility with virtualization platforms, including VMware, Hyper-V and H3C, to ensure effective backup and protection of individual business systems. By adopting Vinchin backup solution, Daikin achieves efficient backup and data protection. The IT team was able to integrate H3C VMs into the software in a few simple steps, and the intuitive web console makes management easy. Raymond commented excitedly, "We chose the Vinchin backup solution not only for its excellent compatibility, but also for the efficient and reliable backup and data protection it provides us. The whole process has become much easier, allowing our IT team to focus more on our core business and ensuring the security and stability of our systems."

Considering the realities of the rapid growth of Daikin data, Vinchin offers a full backup combined with an incremental backup solution. This means that a regular full backup can be used to create a baseline copy of the system, and then incremental backups can be used to capture changes since the last backup. This flexible backup strategy not only helps to reduce storage requirements, but also delivers faster speeds when it comes to data recovery.

To cope with emergency situations, Vinchin supports the recovery of data from any backup point in seconds, and can quickly restore the operation of the company's business systems in minutes, greatly minimizing the risk of business interruption. Raymond said, "Vinchin has demonstrated excellent resilience in times of emergency, providing us with rapid response and reliable business continuity assurance. This outstanding performance gives us greater confidence in the stability of our business systems."


Vinchin Backup & Recovery ensures the security and reliability of data through advanced backup strategies, efficiently protecting growing data. Furthermore, Vinchin provides disaster recovery capabilities, significantly minimizing the potential risks of business interruptions. Raymond stated, "Vinchin Backup & Recovery, with its outstanding backup strategies and powerful recovery features, enhances our confidence in data security and business continuity."


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