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Vinchin Empowers National Container Terminals with Seamless VMware Backup and Disaster Recovery Solutions

Quick Overview
National Container Terminals


Saudi Arabia




National Container Terminals is struggling with IT infrastructure challenges due to a high volume of data straining their backup system, requiring a discreet, efficient, and customized backup solution to meet stringent recovery objectives and maintain operations without downtime, essential to avoid financial loss and reputational damage.




Vinchin prioritizes efficient resource use while adhering to NCT’s backup frequency requirements, utilizes Lan-Free data transfer to accelerate the backup process, and offers the flexibility to adapt to VMware environments, ensuring scalability in line with NCT’s evolving business needs.


Vinchin has greatly improved our data management efficiency and ensured the smooth operation of our business, giving us confidence in future technology expansion. It not only optimizes our data protection processes but also provides us with a data security solution that is reliable, efficient and sustainable for the future.

Dani Ali

IT Manager

National Container Terminals


Business Challenge

National Container Terminals (NCT), the operator of the container handling services at King Abdullah Port in Saudi Arabia, began its operations in September 2013. Within a span of under five years, it has risen to become the largest transshipment center in the nation and the second most significant facility for container management. NCT offers a comprehensive, shared-use commercial facility that boasts a prime location, providing customers with top-tier service efficiency. Among its clientele are some of the most prominent global container shipping companies and the leading industries within Saudi Arabia.

NCT is grappling with the challenges of managing a complex IT infrastructure vital for their role in the global supply chain. Underpinned by VMware virtualization, their system is tasked with handling a massive influx of data, from real-time tracking to customer transactions. This surge is pushing the limits of their current backup capabilities, leading to potential performance bottlenecks.

The diversity of systems and applications running across NCT’s nodes adds another layer of complexity to data protection, which calls for a highly customized approach to ensure data integrity and security. Moreover, NCT’s facilities leaves little to no room for downtime, necessitating a backup solution that operates discretely in the background, which does not impede the performance of critical applications. With strict RTOs and RPOs, NCT needs a backup solution that allows for swift data restoration to avoid any operational hiccups. Any delay can result in financial losses and tarnish NCT’s reputation.

Vinchin Solution

The IT Manager at NCT highlighted the need for a disaster recovery and backup solution that fits their specific business needs. “We’re looking for a solution that keeps our business running smoothly and keeps our data safe. Vinchin is known for their work with virtual machine backup and disaster recovery, so they’re the right choice to help us,” he said.

Vinchin took a close look at NCT’s business and worked with their management team to come up with solutions that solve current problems and can grow with the company.

They started by adding Vinchin Backup & Recovery to the data center. This solution works well with NCT’s VMware setup, making sure hardware and software work together effectively. It uses a smart backup strategy that saves resources while still meeting the goals for how often data is backed up. Vinchin also suggested using a Lan-Free way of moving data, which is faster than old methods and shortens the time it takes to back up data. Lastly, Vinchin’s system is designed to be flexible. It can work with different types of virtual environments and back up different databases, so it can keep up with NCT’s needs as they change over time.


The backup and disaster recovery solutions provided by Vinchin bring significant efficiency gains and future flexibility to NCT. Through seamless integration with VMware infrastructure, fast Lan-Free data transmission and support for different virtual platforms and databases, Vinchin ensures NCT’s business continuity and data security, while also laying the foundation for the company’s future technology expansion. “Vinchin's solution not only increases backup speed, but also gives us confidence in fast recovery in the face of any disaster.” Said the IT Manager.


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