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Customer Stories Beijing New Building Materials Public Limited Company

Vinchin assisted BNBM to optimize data backup strategies and centrally monitor data threat risks

Quick Overview
Beijing New Building Materials Public Limited Company






BNBM’s challenges include managing increased loads on virtual platforms, handling large data growth, security threats, and complex operations and maintenance due to dispersed data.




Vinchin provides BNBM with an agentless, low-maintenance backup solution, featuring real-time monitoring, deduplication, NAS support, fast file recovery, and a unified management platform for efficient data security and disaster recovery.


Vinchin helped us develop a complete set of plans that fit our business conditions and disaster recovery goals. This was an important event in BNBM’s information transformation. Vinchin’s products are of high quality and its service is very professional. Our cooperation is very pleasant. Of course, after the entire solution is fully implemented, the benefits it brings to us in terms of business continuity and data security are obvious. Thank you Vinchin.

IT Manager



Business Challenge

Established in 1979, Beijing New Building Materials Public Limited Company (BNBM) is the new materials platform of China National Building Materials Group, which is one of the Fortune Global 500 enterprises. Until now, BNBM has developed into the China’s largest new green building materials industrial group and the world’s largest gypsum board industrial group. In 2019, Moody’s has assigned a first-time A3 issuer rating to BNBM, the highest in the same industry worldwide.

As BNBM forges ahead with technological advancements and R&D, leading to rapid business expansion and increased production capacity, the company is grappling with a surge in operational data and associated challenges. These include managing a multitude of virtual business platforms such as marketing, business, procurement, and technical production systems that add to the computational load; handling an ever-growing volume of files and unstructured data; navigating a landscape rife with security threats like ransomware, accidental deletions, and cyber-attacks; and overcoming the complexities of operations and maintenance management due to dispersed data storage, numerous business systems, and the hurdles of achieving centralized management.

If a business system failure occurs at this point, it could be devastating for the group. This is why data backup is especially critical.

Vinchin Solution

Vinchin has provided BNBM with essential data backup and recovery support, ensuring business continuity and data security. By deploying Vinchin Backup & Recovery, it help to protect data and monitor risks effectively without disrupting the existing production infrastructure. The system uses an agentless backup mode, which significantly reduces the cost and workload of managing and maintaining multiple virtual machines. To further enhance security, Vinchin has implemented real-time monitoring measures to prevent malicious tampering and ransomware attacks on backup data.

In terms of data storage, Vinchin utilizes deduplication technology to backup only necessary data and compresses it during transfer and storage, greatly reducing the volume of backup data required and thereby saving storage space. Vinchin also supports data backup via NAS, employing multi-thread scanning and transfer technologies that enable the rapid backup and restoration of massive volumes of files, with backup speeds reaching up to 1GB/s, ensuring the efficient operation of business systems.

Finally, Vinchin offers a unified management platform that allows BNBM to centrally backup and manage all the virtual machines within their private cloud platform, greatly simplifying maintenance and operational management.


Vinchin solutions revolutionized BNBM’s data backup and recovery, ensuring seamless operations and fortified security. With agentless backup, real-time monitoring, deduplication technology, and rapid NAS backup, Vinchin maximizes efficiency and reduces costs. The unified management platform simplifies oversight, enhancing BNBM’s operational resilience. Vinchin’s solutions safeguard data, boost efficiency, and strengthen BNBM’s business outlook.


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