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Vinchin provides Cloud Tech Solutions with a comprehensive data protection solution

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Confronted with the escalating volume of data and security threats, Cloud Tech Solutions urgently requires a comprehensive data protection solution to ensure the security and availability of data.




Vinchin Backup & Recovery is a comprehensive data protection solution equipped with robust data encryption mechanisms, disaster recovery plans, and advanced user grouping features to ensure the security, availability, and business continuity of data.


Vinchin Backup & Recovery has really helped us a lot with data protection. Those strong data encryption and disaster recovery plans ensure the security and availability of our data. The new user grouping feature makes privilege control more flexible and easier for our team to manage. Overall, Vinchin has been a great support to our team and has made us much more efficient and confident.

Pradeep Manandhar

IT Director

Cloud Tech Solutions Pvt. Ltd.


Business Challenge

Cloud Tech Solutions Pvt. Ltd. was established on May 2, 2013, with its headquarters located in Kathmandu, Nepal. It is a legal private limited company that specializes in providing comprehensive IT support, CCTV surveillance systems, security systems, consulting, management services, and outsourcing solutions. The company is committed to selling and supporting a full range of IT hardware devices and software to meet the diverse needs of its clients.

Cloud Tech Solutions is an enterprise that provides services to government departments, non-governmental organizations, international non-governmental organizations, private sectors, as well as social and public sector organizations. Their business systems operate on a virtualization platform based on VMware, accumulating a significant amount of critical business data. With the continuous growth in data volume, Cloud Tech Solutions has become increasingly dependent on information systems. Therefore, there is an urgent need for a comprehensive data protection solution to ensure the security and availability of their data.

Vinchin Solution

To ensure the security of data, Vinchin Backup & Recovery employs robust data encryption mechanisms to safeguard data during transmission and storage processes. Additionally, Vinchin has provided backup and disaster recovery solution to ensure the continuity of business systems. This solution supports the recovery of data from any backup point and ensures the swift restoration of business systems within minutes. Furthermore, the data protection solution is equipped with high availability features, ensuring rapid recovery and access to data even in the event of system failures or disasters.

In order to meet the needs of different customers, Vinchin introduces the advanced user grouping function, which fully meets the user classification and management needs of Cloud Tech Solutions in the project. With the user grouping feature, Vinchin can categorize individual users according to their roles and domains, and assign specific privileges and data access levels to each user group. The user grouping feature greatly simplifies the complexity of operations and brings significant convenience in data management and access control, making it easy for the team to manage. " said Pradeep Manandhar.

The IT team was able to integrate VMware VMs into the software in just a few simple steps. The visual backup management interface also allows the IT team at Cloud Tech Solutions to easily manage and monitor the status of their backups. Pradeep Manandhar is confident in the backup solution, commenting, "Vinchin Backup & Recovery not only provides excellent data security and an efficient recovery experience, but also brings great ease of operation to our team to ensure that our business continues to run smoothly. This backup solution is really a great addition to the company's security."


Vinchin Backup & Recovery is a comprehensive data protection solution that employs robust data encryption mechanisms, significantly enhancing data security. Additionally, Vinchin offers a disaster recovery plan to ensure business continuity. The solution also introduces advanced user grouping functionality to meet specific needs. Pradeep Manandhar exclaimed, "Vinchin has brought tremendous convenience and joy to our work, making the team even more adept."


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