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Customer Stories Cubic Sensor and Instrument Co., Ltd.

Vinchin provides Cubic with a seamless and secure backup solution tailored for complex IT environments

Quick Overview
Cubic Sensor and Instrument Co., Ltd.






Cubic faces IT challenges with data scattered across multiple databases, needing centralized backup, real-time recovery, and strong protection against ransomware, while ensuring high availability, disaster recovery, and regulatory compliance for their global operations.


Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL


Vinchin’s solution for Cubic offers batch remote client installation, unified backup task grouping, customizable backup strategies, and robust data protection with anti-ransomware features, ensuring data integrity, high availability, and compliance with minimal operational disruption.


Digital technologies, which are a kind of universal technology, are growing fast. They are changing all parts of the economy in big ways. Manufacturing is also starting to change and get better in new ways. We thank Vinchin for helping us to set up our disaster recovery successfully and protect our data safely.

IT Manager



Business Challenge

Cubic Sensor and Instrument Co., Ltd. is a publicly listed company in SSE STAR Market, specializing in smart gas sensors and superior gas analyzers. Set up in 2003, situated at Wuhan, China, Cubic has established gas sensing technology platforms including optical technologies, ultrasonic technology, MEMS metal oxide semiconductor (MOX) technology, electrochemical technology, ceramic thick-film technology based high temperature solid electrolyte technology and so on. At present, Cubic has obtained more than 100 patents at home and abroad, with abundant products widely used in various fields of air quality, environmental monitoring, industrial processes, industrial safety monitoring, healthcare, smart metering and so on.

Cubic faces IT challenges due to its diverse business systems and widespread data across various databases like Oracle, MySQL, and PostgreSQL. The company requires a backup solution that can handle different data types and offer real-time recovery for critical monitoring systems. With documentation scattered across multiple hosts, a centralized management system for efficient backup operations within tight maintenance windows is essential. Additionally, robust security measures against ransomware are crucial. As Cubic's operations globalize, the need for integrated data management, high availability, disaster recovery, and compliance with international regulations becomes increasingly important.

Vinchin Solution

In order to deal with the complex IT challenges of Cubic, Vinchin proposed a comprehensive solution, which was to deploy Vinchin Backup & Recovery without disrupting the existing production business structure. The system can remotely install clients in batches, greatly simplifying the deployment in Cubic’s complex multi-business system environment. By realizing unified backup task grouping for different types of databases, Vinchin’s solution reduces the difficulty of later operation and maintenance management while ensuring the consistency and integrity of data backup.

Vinchin’s backup solution allows Cubic to custom configure backup methods and strategies based on the specific needs of its business systems. This not only optimizes the backup process, but also simplifies data recovery, ensuring that business operations can be quickly restored in the event of data loss or system failure. In addition, the backup data protection functions provided by Vinchin, including anti-ransomware capabilities, provide a strong guarantee for Cubic’s data security. These security measures ensure the integrity of backup data, protecting businesses from loss even in the face of cybersecurity threats. Through these measures, Vinchin supports Cubic in achieving high data availability and business continuity globally while complying with regulatory requirements.


Vinchin Backup & Recovery provides Cubic with a robust, easy-to-deploy solution for managing diverse databases. It simplifies maintenance, offers customizable backup strategies, and enhances data security against threats like ransomware. These features ensure quick recovery from data loss, high availability of data, and help maintain business continuity, delivering significant operational benefits to Cubic.


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