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Vinchin Provides GenePlus with a Comprehensive Data Protection Solution

Quick Overview






In the face of growing data volumes and security threats, GenePlus urgently needed a comprehensive data protection solution to ensure data security & availability and achieve disaster recovery goals.




Vinchin Backup & Recovery provides GenePlus with an intelligent and efficient data backup solution that uses LAN-free backup to realize fast and massive data backup and recovery. In addition, GenePlus also deployed a disaster recovery backup system to ensure data security and availability, effectively maintaining business continuity.


The functionality of Vinchin products indeed exceeded our expectations, and the professionalism and efficiency demonstrated by the team confirmed that Vinchin is indeed the right choice for GenePlus. I am sincerely excited about the impact this solution will have on enhancing our data security and facilitating seamless business operations. Thanks to the hard work and innovative approach of the Vinchin team!

Mr. Li

IT Manager



Business Challenge

Founded in 2015, GenePlus is an innovative high-tech enterprise specializing in precision medicine. The company is centered on a large testing platform, a large manufacturing platform and a large data platform. It provides products and services based on genetic testing, mainly covering the three business directions of medicine, science and technology as well as health. GenePlus has made significant progress in technological breakthroughs, academic leadership, product innovation and market leadership, becoming a leader in the industry.

GenePlus' business systems run on a VMware-based virtualization platform. However, as the organization grows in size and scope of business, data security issues are becoming more and more prominent. The company has a large number of VMs and a huge amount of data. In order to prevent the risk of data leakage and business interruption of critical business systems, it is necessary to implement a ransom protection mechanism based on data backup. This makes data protection and business continuity particularly important. Hence, GenePlus urgently requires a comprehensive data protection solution to ensure the safety and accessibility of its data and to achieve its disaster recovery objectives.

Vinchin Solution

Vinchin Backup & Recovery provided GenePlus with a comprehensive data protection solution to ensure data security and availability. With Vinch's assistance, GenePlus quickly deployed a disaster recovery backup system in its data center and simplified the process by adopting VM agentless backup to unify the backup and management of all business VMs.

For efficient backups, Vinchin also employs LAN-free backups, which are able to quickly back up large amounts of data while effectively reducing backup times. The IT team was able to integrate VMware VMs into the software in just a few simple steps, and the intuitive web-based console makes management easy. "I am very excited about this Vinchin backup solution!" said an excited Mr. Lee, It will greatly enhance our data security and ensure that our business can continue to run. I truly appreciate the hard work and innovation that the Vinchin team has put into this. Their solution not only meets our needs, but also reduces our workload. I am looking forward to working with Vinchin in the future!"

In addition, Vinchin also supports instantaneous recovery of VMs, which means users can recover VMs from the backup system in just seconds and resume business operations in minutes, greatly reducing the time of critical business interruption. Unified backup archiving for important data enables file-level recovery when necessary, while providing a permanent protection policy to meet users' traceability requirements. Mr. Li said, "I am impressed with the capabilities of the Vinchin product, while the professionalism of the team and the efficiency of the implementation proved that Vinchin was the right choice for GenePlus. 


Vinchin Backup & Recovery is an intelligent and efficient data backup solution that significantly reduces the time required for backup through agentless and LAN-free backup methods. With Vinchin's assistance, GenePlus quickly deployed a disaster recovery backup system to ensure data security and availability and safeguard business continuity. Mr. Li exclaimed, "This backup solution is fantastic!"

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