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Vinchin Provides Intelligent and Comprehensive Data Protection for Gold Fields

Quick Overview
Gold Fields


South Africa




Gold Fields operates its global gold mining business on a VMware-based virtualization platform, with operations and projects spanning Australia, South Africa, Ghana, Peru, Chile, and Canada. Due to the increasing volume of data, the company urgently needed an intelligent data protection solution to ensure data security and availability.




Vinchin Backup & Recovery provides Gold Fields with an intelligent data protection solution that seamlessly integrates with VMware virtual machines to support off-site disaster recovery and instantaneous recovery of VMs, ensuring data security, availability and business continuity.


Our VMware systems were facing serious data security challenges but thanks to Vinchin Backup & Recovery, it provides us with efficient data protection. This not only solved the pressing data security issue, but also greatly improved backup efficiency. Vinchin's innovative solution provided a substantial boost to the business and provided strong support to our team.

George Nel

IT Manager

Gold Fields


Business Challenge

Gold Fields is a gold mining company founded on May 3, 1968, and headquartered in Johannesburg, South Africa. As one of the largest gold mining companies in the world, Gold Fields is dedicated to gold production and mine operations. Gold Fields operates mines in Australia, Ghana, Peru, and South Africa. Their mission is to create lasting value beyond mining.

Gold Fields operates its global gold mining business systems on a virtualization platform based on VMware. And the company has its operations in Australia, South Africa, Ghana, and Peru, with projects also located in Chile and Canada. With increasing data volumes, Gold Fields has become increasingly dependent on information systems. As a result, Gold Fields urgently needed an intelligent and comprehensive data protection solution to ensure data security and availability.

Vinchin Solution

To meet Gold Fields's needs, Vinchin Backup & Recovery provides intelligent and comprehensive data protection to ensure data security and availability. To achieve efficient backups, Vinchin employs the LAN-free backup approach, enabling rapid backup of large volumes of data and effectively reducing backup times. The IT team was able to easily integrate VMware VMs into the software with just a few simple steps, and the intuitive web-based console makes management incredibly easy. George commented excitedly: "This solution provides us with highly intelligent data protection that not only makes backups efficient, but also greatly simplifies the management process."

In addition, Vinchin provides off-site data disaster recovery in case of data loss. Even in the case of double loss of production data and local backup data, users can still quickly recover data from off-site backup to ensure business continuity. Vinchin also supports instant recovery of virtual machines. Users can restore virtual machines from the backup system in seconds and recover business operations to normal within minutes, significantly reducing critical business downtime. George enthusiastically expresses, "This innovative solution provides robust data protection, not only addressing dual data loss but also swiftly restoring business operations in the shortest possible time. Vinchin has provided us with strong support, and we are highly satisfied with the significant value it has brought to our enterprise."


Vinchin Backup & Recovery is an intelligent and efficient data backup solution that utilizes LAN-free backup technology, significantly reducing backup time. Additionally, Vinchin offers a solution for remote data disaster recovery to ensure business continuity. It also has an instant recovery feature that greatly reduces downtime. George exclaimed, "Vinchin's innovative solution provides robust support for our data protection."


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