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Vinchin Plays a Crucial Role in Safeguarding the Data Security of Guizhou Power Grid Corporation

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Guizhou Power Grid Co., Ltd.






With the expansion of power supply capacity and acceleration of localization, Guizhou Power Grid Co., Ltd. demands a domestically developed disaster recovery solution for stable power operations, ensuring business continuity with high-performance, secure, and reliable backup capabilities.

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Vinchin has developed a comprehensive disaster recovery plan for Guizhou Power Grid, deploying backup and recovery solution of the operating system. Using agentless backup, LAN-Free mechanism, and visualized monitoring, Vinchin ensures efficient backup, less workloads, and improved operational convenience for business continuity.

Vinchin's solution has greatly helped us establish a data disaster recovery system, effectively meeting our needs. Overall, Vinchin disaster recovery and backup system is easy to operate, logically structured, and has significantly improved our daily operational efficiency. The backup strategy is executed efficiently and reliably, meeting our performance requirements. We appreciate your efforts in promoting the localization of disaster recovery solutions, which is commendable.

Systems Administrator

Gui Zhou Power Grid Co., Ltd.

Gui Zhou Power Grid

Business Challenge

Guizhou Power Grid Co., Ltd. is a wholly owned subsidiary of China Southern Power Grid Co., Ltd. It was established in August, 2004. Its main business includes planning, construction, operation and management of the power grid of Guizhou province and the sale of electricity. It supplies electricity to the entire province and is involved in the west-east electricity transmission project. After years of construction, Guizhou Power Grid has basically formed a new power system with digital power grids as the key carrier.It not only meets the power demand of Guizhou province for its residents, government, and enterprises but also provides power supply to certain areas in Guangdong, ensuring the electricity needs of the local population.

With the expansion of power supply capacity and acceleration of localization, disaster recovery construction must be upgraded. The relevant departments of Guizhou Power Grid have recognized the importance of this and quickly responded. After a period of communication and research, they have presented their disaster recovery construction goals to Vinchin.

Due to the presence of multiple business systems and large data volumes, they need a high-performance solution to ensure efficient backups without impacting normal business operations. Additionally, given the high sensitivity of power system operations, backup data must be secure and reliable. Ample emergency safeguards are necessary, and regular recovery drills are conducted to ensure availability.

Vinchin Solution

After multiple rounds of research, analysis, and testing, Vinchin has developed a comprehensive disaster recovery construction plan for Guizhou Power Grid to address the key concerns for the present and the near future, ensuring the achievement of the desired disaster recovery goals.

Firstly, Vinchin utilizes an agentless approach to quickly back up the massive virtual machines of power grid management and monitoring, significantly reducing workloads and improving efficiency. Secondly, Vinchin Backup & Recovery is connected to the storage network, utilizing a LAN-Free mechanism to enhance backup efficiency, shorten the backup window, and meet the demand for reducing the impact on business operations. Lastly, a visualized large screen is implemented to monitor the backup cluster in real-time, allowing accurate tracking of each task’s status. This visualization of backup operations significantly improves operational convenience, reduces workload, and enhances efficiency in backup maintenance.


Vinchin Backup & Recovery provides independent control and utilizes agentless backup and LAN-Free mechanisms to enhance backup efficiency. It ensures business continuity and provides Guizhou Power Grid with a high-performance and reliable disaster recovery solution. “After testing several traditional backup solutions, I’m glad we’ve eventually found Vinchin as the most reliable data protection partner. With the help of Vinchin, we no longer have to worry about data security issues for every little piece of data is under its guaranteed protection.” Said the Systems Administrator.


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