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Customer Stories SCHMID Anlagenbau GmbH

Vinchin optimizes IT operation for SCHMID Anlagenbau GmbH with faster & more effortless XenServer backups

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The legacy XenServer backup solution that SCHMID Anlagenbau used only supports agent-based and LAN-based backups. The lack of efficiency makes protection of the company’s growing virtualization environment difficult.

Virtualization Type

Citrix XenServer


Vinchin Backup & Recovery provides SCHMID Anlagenbau a more efficient and flexible XenServer protection solution with agentless, LAN-Free backup strategy to save both IT operation cost and administration time at once.


With Vinchin Backup & Recovery, both cost and time for setting XenServer backups are saved. The product delivers the same convenience and flexibility that matches our virtualized data center, and we benefit the most from its stable agentless, LAN-Free backup strategy. Choosing Vinchin to consistently protect the XenServer environment has been the best decision for us.

IT Manager

SCHMID Anlagenbau GmbH

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Business Challenge

Founded in 1982 in Austria, SCHMID Anlagenbau has been standing for innovation, quality and special solutions throughout the years. Specialized in the field of machinery, the company dedicates to provide high-quality products ranging from conveying technology for food, corrugated board, punching waste to tools for in-house development and construction.

With data from different projects need to be saved properly, SCHMID Anlagenbau had previously set up a middle-size physical server cluster in the primary data center. But as the maintenance cost resource consumption gradually grow with the variety of the company’s services, they decided to virtualize their IT infrastructure to XenServer hosts step by step. “Compared with legacy physical servers, virtualization provides improved convenience and flexibility for us to manage daily IT workloads more easily.” Says IT Manager at SCHMID Anlagenbau GmbH.

However, such transition also brings some trouble on the issue of data protection. “In the past, we had been using some sort of traditional XenServer backup scheme which requires agent installed in each VM, and with LAN-based backup available only, we had to set backups to run at night in non-business hours.” Says the manager. “After further considering the business development, we were 100% sure that a new backup solution was needed to change the situation to better secure our data with higher backup efficiency and shorter backup windows.”

Vinchin Solution

After some time of online research for XenServer backup solutions, the IT team of SCHMID Anlagenbau found Vinchin to give a try, as the cost-effective, agentless and LAN-Free backup characteristics shortly caught their eyes. By requesting demo and testing the full-featured free trial of Vinchin Backup & Recovery, the team was fully persuaded by the high performance that the product shows, and eventually chose Vinchin to deliver the powerful XenServer protection they want.

Without agent installation required in XenServer hosts, the deployment of Vinchin Backup & Recovery was done in SCHMID Anlagenbau’s data center in ten minutes along with Vinchin team’s support. “The agentless backup scheme Vinchin Backup & Recovery provides really helps a lot.” Says the manager, “It makes backup deployment and centralized job management simple. Now whenever we want a new XenServer host to be protected, anyone in the team can be able to add it to the backup system in a few minutes, and monitor different jobs all through one interface.”

Besides this, Vinchin Backup & Recovery also provides LAN-Free backup strategy to help SCHMID Anlagenbau shorten backup windows, which enables XenServer backup jobs to run efficiently even at business hours without production network consumption. “This feature meets our need of having important data backed up in time. Although so far system failures rarely happen in our data center, such backup scheme can help guarantee higher data availability.” Says the manager. With data in the XenServer hosts being stably transferred to the backup depository through storage area network during daytime, the company’s IT operation cost has been effectively reduced.


Compared to the legacy backup solution, Vinchin Backup & Recovery managed to simplify XenServer protection and shorten backup windows for SCHMID Anlagenbau. Moreover, it also helps the company get better cost optimization results during IT infrastructure virtualizing process. “Thanks to the powerful support from Vinchin Backup & Recovery, XenServer backups become easier and faster, with hours of IT operating and administrating time being saved. Knowing that our important data can always be fully protected is an impetus for us to better carry forward more new projects.” Says the manager.


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