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Vinchin Enables Seamless Virtualization and Data Protection for Tabadul

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Financial Services


Tabadul, an innovative fintech firm in Iraq, faces challenges due to a complex IT infrastructure and inadequate backup solutions. To maintain their services, uphold their reputation, and meet regulatory compliance, Tabadul requires a new backup solution that can manage their IT complexity, ensure high availability, facilitate swift recovery, and provide robust data protection.


VMware, OLVM


Vinchin Backup & Recovery provides comprehensive, user-friendly, and cost-effective backup for Tabadul’s 70 virtual machines across multiple platforms. It simplifies backup management, enables easy data migration, and ensures secure and prompt data retrieval, effectively addressing Tabadul’s complex IT needs.


The one of the most important point of Vinchin is support a lot of virtualization environments so it can manage and maintain all backup using one dashboard! The second point is easy to use, and can keep track the running jobs using a fantastic graphs with valuable content. Besides, I really used its V2V feature to migrate VMs between different virtualzation environments. 

Hamzah S.

Systems Administrator


Elreef Elmasry

Business Challenge

Tabadul, a fully accredited fintech and e-payment firm headquartered in Baghdad, Iraq, comprises a group of specialists in financial technology. Their mission is to simplify and secure digital payments for all. By utilizing state-of-the-art technologies and industry standards, they're transforming the landscape of financial transactions in Iraq. Their dedication to customer satisfaction, excellence, and innovation drives them to assist both businesses and individuals in realizing their financial aspirations. 

Tabadul’s IT infrastructure, with 70 VMs managed by OLVM and VMware and a 16-socket database across 15 servers, is complex and vital for their digital payment services. However, this complexity leads to operational challenges such as system downtime, data loss, and slow recovery, affecting their services and potentially causing financial losses. Their current backup solutions doesn’t cover some of virtualization environments they currently using, and may not adequately handle their IT environment’s intricacies, posing risks to their sensitive financial data. As a fintech company, Tabadul must ensure data security and meet regulatory compliance to prevent serious consequences. These challenges highlight Tabadul’s need for a new backup solution. This solution should manage their complex IT infrastructure, ensure high service availability, enable swift recovery, and provide robust data protection to uphold their reputation and compliance in the financial sector.

Vinchin Solution

After a thorough and rigorous selection process, Tabadul chose Vinchin as their backup solution. It wasn’t just the features that won them over, but how those features performed under the demanding conditions of their complex IT environment.

Vinchin Backup & Recovery offers a comprehensive backup for all of Tabadul’s 70 virtual machines, ensuring that all data is securely stored and promptly retrievable, thereby minimizing the risk of data loss. The first key feature that Vinchin brings to the table is its seamless support for multiple virtualization platforms. This is particularly crucial for Tabadul as they employ both OLVM and VMware. Secondly, Vinchin’s user-friendly interface simplifies the management of backups, even in the face of Tabadul’s complex IT infrastructure. The systems administrator at Tabadul remarked, “With Vinchin, managing backups is a breeze. It’s like having a smart assistant who takes care of all the heavy lifting.” Thirdly, Vinchin’s solution facilitates effortless migration of data and VMs across more than ten virtualization platforms. This adaptability is key for Tabadul, enabling them to swiftly respond to changes in their IT landscape. Lastly, Vinchin Backup & Recovery is designed with cost-effectiveness in mind, helping Tabadul to manage their IT budget while still ensuring top-tier service.


Vinchin’s solution has brought about a profound transformation in Tabadul’s IT environment. With Vinchin, Tabadul now has advanced security features at their disposal. These features ensure that their sensitive financial data is protected from threats and comply with the financial sector’s strict regulations. The benefits it has brought to the company are not just technical, but also operational and strategic, enabling Tabadul to navigate the complexities of their IT environment with confidence and ease.


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