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Vinchin protects H3C environment for Hanjiang Group to better implement national hydropower projects

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As a company rooted in hydropower development which later also extents business in multiple other industries, Hanjiang Group deploys H3C environment to save high volumes of important business data. Anything that may cause data loss such as system failures, man-made damage, ransomware attacks, and natural disasters all bring huge threats to the data center.

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Vinchin Backup & Recovery offers offsite backup copy and instant restore feature for Hanjiang Group to have highly recoverable copy of their critical data at offsite DR center, and realize business continuity with shorter RTOs.

Data security has been an issue for a long time that our group kept worrying about. With high volumes of data saved in virtual machines are linked to various projects ranging from hydropower and multiple other industries, any data loss or system operation interruption will cause devastating consequences. Thanks to the advanced and reliable backup solution Vinchin delivers, when talking about the overall protection of core business data, our team is now able to get twice the result with half the effort.

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Hanjiang Group

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Business Challenge

Hanjiang Group is a large-scale enterprise group composed of 24 wholly-owned, holding, and share-holding companies with Hanjiang Water Conservancy and Hydropower (Group) Co., Ltd. as its core enterprise. It is under the management of the Yangtze River Water Conservancy Committee of the Ministry of Water Resources. Danjiangkou Hydraulic Project managed by the group is a key project for the management and development of the Han River and an important part of the water source project of the Middle Route of the South-to-North Water Diversion, which can supply 9.5 billion cubic meters of water to the north every year.

In addition to managing the Danjiangkou Water Conservancy Project and several other hydropower projects, the business of Hanjiang Group also covers a wide range of industries including industrial manufacturing, real estate, tourism, and medical and health care. Its data center with H3C as major service platform is frequently accessed daily, and a large amount of important business information and data are stored in virtual machines.

“Anything that may cause data loss such as system failures, man-made damage, ransomware attacks, and natural disasters all bring huge threats to our data center. How to quickly restore data from system failure and ensure business continuity is the main problem we currently want to solve.” Said one IT manager at Hanjiang Group.

Vinchin Solution

After on-site testing the H3C environment in the data center of Hanjiang Group, Vinchin team then helped on the deployment of Vinchin Backup & Recovery for the group to get their critical H3C VMs fully protected.

Vinchin works to ensure users always have multiple backups in hand for effective disaster recovery under emergency. By supporting to duplicate local backup data to offsite storage depository, even if production data and local backup data are both lost or unavailable due to natural disaster, ransomware attack or any kind of severe virtual machine crashes, the offsite backup copy can be used to be transferred back to the local data center, or directly to reboot critical business at offsite DR center.

“For enterprises who has multiple kinds of business data like us, only to have backups in the local production environment is clearly not enough, and the offsite backup copy feature from Vinchin succeeds to meet our data protection needs.” Said the IT manager.

For business continuity, Vinchin Backup & Recovery also offers instant VM recovery with highly available backup data, by mounting the backup storage to a production host via NFS. “We tested this feature and its performance is absolutely great,” said the IT manager, “and business on target virtual machine can be rebooted in just a few seconds. That’s something we had never experienced with legacy backup solutions.”


By fully utilizing offsite backup copy and instant restore feature from Vinchin, the H3C environment of Hanjiang Group’s data center has been secured in a simple and efficient way.

“So far, another independent backup solution that can fully compatible with H3C the platform is still hard to find in the market, and that’s why Vinchin stands out among so many vendors. Vinchin Backup & Recovery designed by the team is really powerful yet easy to use,” said the IT manager, “which meets our strict requirement of business continuity and data security. The whole IT team now all feel relieved that all of our important business running on virtual machines can be well protected and always be highly recoverable.”