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News List Vinchin Awarded G2 High Performer and Momentum Leader Badges in Fall 2023

Vinchin Awarded G2 High Performer and Momentum Leader Badges in Fall 2023

2023-10-26 | Vinchin Official

Vinchin awarded a series of G2 badges, including High Performer Fall 2023.jpg

We are thrilled to receive recognition from our users! 

G2 is the largest and most reliable source of evaluations in business software and services globally. In the G2 Fall 2023 Reports, Vinchin has achieved a series of accolades, including High Performer Fall 2023, High Performer in the Americas Region, High Performer in the Small-Business category, High Performer in the Mid-Market category, Momentum Leader, and Users Love Us, judging by the comprehensive assessment of customer satisfaction ratings and the company’s market presence.  

What do these awards say?

Users Love Us

Customer reviews reflect whether the product has been recognized on the market. Since this “Users Love Us” badge is earned by consistently receiving positive feedback from customers, which in turn showcases that our clients are highly satisfied with our services and backup solution.

To get the award, one has to collect at least 20 views with an average rating of 4.0 stars, and we get a 4.6 out of 5.0 stars rating for our efforts to innovate the solution at a torrid pace based on advanced technologies and deliver high and fast services for users worldwide.

High Performer Fall 2023

Vinchin Backup & Recovery has been named a High Performer product based on having high customer satisfaction scores. We obtain a High Performer Fall 2023 nomination following the High Performer in G2 Summer 2023 Report. This recognition from G2 requires a thorough analysis of customer satisfaction scores and market performance. 97% of users rated it 4 or 5 stars and said they would be likely to recommend Vinchin Backup & Recovery at a rate of 92%.

Meawhilie, Vinchin has achieved High Performer in the Americas Region, High Performer in the Small-Business category and High Performer in the Mid-Market category.

Momentum Leader 

Vinchin Backup & Recovery ranks #7 out of 69 in Momentum Grid® Report. The Momentum score is based on user reviews, data from online sources, and social networks. 

Hear from our users

We are delighted to discover that Vinchin is receiving positive reception from our users. This valuable feedback fuels our continuous endeavor to establish our product as one of the greatest virtual machine backup tools in the market.

The following is what we know about Vinchin based on user reviews on G2:

Reviewers on G2 rate us 9.5 for ease of use, 9.1 for quality of support, and 9.0 for ease of setup out of 10, which are above average overall.

Vinchin user ratings .png

Vinchin Backup & Recovery has received exceptional customer satisfaction ratings on G2, surpassing the industry average. Our customers highly appreciate the solution for its outstanding performance and user-friendly experience. From the ease of setup to easy usage and efficient management, Vinchin Backup & Recovery stands out as a reliable choice.

Vinchin's satisfaction ratings.png

The opinions and recommendations shared by our users play a crucial role in guiding our product development team's decisions regarding prioritization and future enhancements. We greatly value every user's input, and if you are using Vinchin solution and wish to provide feedback or suggestions, please feel free to submit your thoughts on our G2 page.

Reviews on G2.jpg

Why do users love us?

With Vinchin Backup & Recovery's exceptional customer satisfaction ratings and its highest-rated features, organizations can trust our solution to safeguard their data, streamline backup and recovery processes, and ensure business continuity. 

Vinchin Backup & Recovery Highest-Rated Features .png

One of the key factors contributing to our high ratings is the robust disaster recovery capability. Organizations can rely on Vinchin's comprehensive disaster recovery features to ensure the swift recovery of critical data and systems in the event of a disruption or unforeseen circumstances. Our solution provides the necessary tools and processes to minimize downtime and maintain business continuity.

Another top-rated feature of Vinchin Backup & Recovery is the support for virtual machines. Whether it's VMware, Hyper-V, or other virtualization platforms, our solution seamlessly integrates with various environments, enabling efficient backup and recovery operations. This flexibility empowers organizations to leverage the benefits of virtualization while ensuring data protection and availability.

Furthermore, Vinchin Backup & Recovery offers ample storage capacity to accommodate the growing data volumes of businesses. With the ability to handle significant amounts of data, organizations can confidently store and manage their critical information without concerns about storage limitations. This scalability ensures that businesses can adapt to evolving data requirements and maintain data integrity.

Experience the comprehensive capabilities of Vinchin Backup & Recovery with our full-featured free trial. 

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